what clients are saying

“Laura and her spiritual insight has had such a positive impact on my life! I was skeptical at first because I’ve seen so many impersonators but felt I should at least give it one more try. I am so glad that I did because she turned out to be The Real Deal! Not only is she well versed in the science of human behavior, patterns and human anatomy, but she communicates it in a very comprehensive way. She is very caring and attentive to details and no session is ever the same.

She is a real life angel and you won’t regret utilizing her spiritual skills. Whether you are male, female, old or young, Laura can guide you to a peaceful and harmonious way of thinking and ultimately living life. Thank you Laura for all that you’ve done and I look forward to seeing others benefit from your divine talents.”


“She is a real life angel and you won’t regret utilizing her spiritual skills”

“Laura’s reading was one of the best astrological readings I’ve ever had. Laura uncovered personality aspects that were spot on & helped me recognize growth and healing opportunities. I felt like I found an aspect of myself I’d forgotten about.”

- gina

“To be in a 4E session is so enriching for ones soul. We all have lessons to learn in this lifetime and a 4E session helps an individual to go within and seek answers.

Laura helps to reach the answer with applying the 4 Elements: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. The answer is revealed through a 4 part process. Laura works the 4 Elements in helpin to see the question (water), having the conversation (air), understanding the answer and being practical (earth), and taking action (fire). I was pleasantly surprised by the process. I have expanded my soul source through the 4 Elements. THANK YOU!”


“I have expanded my soul source through the 4 Elements”

“Laura’s insight has been life changing and now that I have done the 4 elements it has helped me to get a true understanding of myself and my direction in life.”


“I met Laura years ago and during this time I have gotten to know her more and more. I started with a chart that Laura did for me, which was only the beginning and realization of my sign. Laura explained to me that the chart is only one of the tool that she uses for insight. She told me about the 4 Elements reading. This was truly life changing. I was in the middle of a divorce and a lot of personal drama at the time, but with Laura’s help using the 4 elements I was able to decode my questions and finally be able to some direction in where my life is going and what I really wanted out of life. Thank you Laura!!!”


“This was truly life changing.”

“The reading that Laura gave me was spot on! She is so talented and I was amazed at the aspects of my life she was able to uncover. Not only is she talented but she is warm, caring, and loving and delivers the information in a way that is indescribable! I highly recommend Laura and would give her as many stars as I can but since 5 would be the highest, I give her 5+++_!!!!”

- cathy

“As she approaches her sessions with a keen eye on what's happening with the planets but also a very empathic understanding of people and relationships. She was instrumental in guiding me through some major transitions in my life and I was able to make some really important decisions with confidence based on what I learned from working with Laura. I turn to her on a regular basis for check-ins and to get her spiritual and astrological guidance which is always very grounded and helpful. I'm so grateful to have her as a resource and a friend!”

- Julie

“Laura is a uniquely gifted astrologer”