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I am a Cancer sun with a Saggitarius moon and Sagittarius Rising. I am empathic, intuitive, funny, blunt, nurturing, and can have the mouth of a salty pirate which happens quite often. Laughter, family, and food are of the utmost importance to me. Human rights and equality. Lover of art, music, healing and visual arts, esoteric studies, divination, astrology, oracles, hoodoo, poetry, animals, and the element of water- pools, lakes, beaches, showers, waterfalls, and the feminine principle.

My name is Laura Tarquino I am an astrologer, photographer and mother

When the final passage from Earth to spiritual Neptune helps us to release from the waking dream and fly free into the eternal. Neptunian love in int’s highest form is the vehicle through which we obtain the inclusive love of the universal heart. 

Neptune is “The Heart of The Spiritual Sun.”

“Sometimes we break ourselves to leave behind the pieces that were never ours to carry”

- Wilder

Want to know how to find life's fullfillmet? What element is your main element? What element are you missing or is just too much? We all need balancing and to be able to know what is lacking is a life's work! This quiz will help you identify your own makeup. It's the key to discovering your happiness.

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“laura’s insight has been life changing and now that i have done the 4 elements it has helped me to get a true understanding of myself and my direction in life.” 

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“Whatever is born of done in a moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time.”

-C.G Jung