I speak the language of the stars. Let me tell you what they say.

It's a powerful tool to use in understanding the celestial bodies in relation to who we are and why we are here starting with the exact MOMENT that something was created. It holds vast amounts of wisdom that unlock insight into that which is the ready to be seen and revealed.

Balance your life

Help you develop self love

Emphasize a heart awakening to living your best life

Give a new perspective on things or your life or situation

Provide a means where you are brought to awareness of your deepest feelings and unconscious yearnings

Give healing advice and guidance

Give practical applications to apply in your daily life to balance yourself

Bring transformation if that is what is so needed in your life

Moments of clarity

Give you a renowned faith in all you are as a being as well as faith in others and their nature

Help steer you in the most positive directions

Show you imbalances in you and give you directives and affirmations

Prepare you for future cycles coming

Help you to believe in magic and the invisible realm of spirit is real

Things astrology can do:

“One of the first signs of beginning of understanding is the wish to die”

- Kafka