I am an astrologer, photographer and mother. I am a Cancer sun with a Saggitarius moon and Sagittarius Rising. I am empathic, intuitive, funny, blunt, nurturing, and can have the mouth of a salty pirate which happens quite often. Laughter, family, and food are of the utmost importance to me. Human rights and equality. Lover of art, music, healing and visual arts, esoteric studies, divination, astrology, oracles, hoodoo, poetry, animals, and the element of water- pools, lakes, beaches, showers, waterfalls, and the feminine principle.

My name is Laura Tarquino

Groups/Parties and gigs. $250/hour

Transformative 4E process (1.5-2 hours) $450

Full Chart Reading (50 min and up) $175

Follow up full chart reading (30-45 min) $85

Quick mini reading.. I need an answer! $22

Synastry (2 chart composites together) $350

Oracle card readings $85-$220

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Month to month help for ongoing help. Could include pulling cards, looking at transits or general balancing of elements. Birth chart reading required first. $170

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“There is another world, but it is in this one.”

- W.B.Yeats

I am in love with the planet of Neptune as it influences my whole life

I played classical violin growing up and was surrounded with music. After high school I went to photography school and became an entrepreneur opening my own photography company and events now for 22 years.

My gift this lifetime is to give people reflection of who they really are and help them open their heart to awakening. In photography I have an amazing job to stop time and freeze frame life in a moment for you to remember it forever. Photos can last a lifetime. Who you were and how you felt in that exact moment and to remember happiness and connection with your close ones. Astrology does that too.. I paint the picture of you and who you are right now and you get to see it through my eyes and reflect on what you like or don’t like about this present state. I can give you perspective and guidance on your incarnation this lifetime. We can have a breath and a moment on who you are and why you feel you are here. We take such a deep dive into you, it’s such a joy! Every astrologer is filtering their experience and your chart through their eyes and life so.. Here is who I am.

I love when things are off, wild, unconventional, and there is freedom at play.

“laura’s insight has been life changing and now that i have done the 4 elements it has helped me to get a true understanding of myself and my direction in life.” 

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“the most beautiful stories always start with wreckage”

- jack london



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