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    About Me

    My name is Laura Tarquino I am a photographer and astrologer. I am empathic, intuitive, funny, blunt, nurturing, and can have the mouth of a salty pirate which happens to be quite often.Lover of art, music, astrology, divination, oracles, hoodoo, poetry, and the healing and visual arts. Here is my chart for other astrology enthusiasts.
    I love when things are off, wild, unconventional, and there is freedom at play. I am in love with the planet of Neptune. As it influences my whole life. I use to play violin growing up surrounded by music. I became a photographer from high school to being an entrepreneur opening up my own company photographing people and events which has been thriving and successful for 20 years now. My gift this lifetime is to give people reflection of who they really are.
    In photography, I have an amazing job to stop time and freeze frame life in a moment for you to remember it forever who you were at that exact time and how you felt. An instant later life is gone never to return again. As an astrologer, I get to give you perspective and guidance on your incarnation this lifetime and give you a moment to breath in who you are and why you feel you are here.
    We take a deep dive into you, it’s such a joy!

    When the final passage from Earth to spiritual Neptunes helps us release from the waking dream and fly free into the eternal. Neptunian love in its highest form is the vehicle through which we obtain the inclusive love of the universal heart.

    Neptune is “The Heart of the spiritual Sun”

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