Oracle cards & Horoscope Guidance- Neptuneskey
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Things astrology can do:

  1. Create a sacred space to speak and be you in with unconditional acceptance.
  2. Balance your life
  3. Help you develop self love
  4. Give a new perspective on things.
  5. Provide a means where you are brought to awareness of your
    deepest feelings and unconscious yearnings.
  6. Give healing advice and guidance
  7. Give practical applications to apply in your daily life to balance yourself.
  8. Bring transformation if so that is what is needed in your life at this
    exact moment simply from clarity.
  9. Give you a renowned faith in all you are as a being as well as faith in others
    and their nature perhaps.
  10. Help steer you in the most positive directions
  11. Show you imbalances in you and give you directives and affirmations.
  12. Help you to believe in magic and the invisible realm of spirit is real.

Play with me

Astrological birth chart reading- ( About 45 min to 1 hour) $170
A stop to evaluate who are you and what are you doing this lifetime? I am a guide to give you reflection on your journey. Using language of energy I can see your individual personal makeup and character analysis describing your nature and dynamics of the energies working within you.
Your talents, gifts, challenges, karma, struggles, and what you are working with.. I help to at times give advice, put hardships or hard truths on the table so we can talk and work them out. We can start to forecast cycles and things in motion for the future and how they can effect you.

Groups/Parties $150/hour
Using Astrology or oracle cards to do onsite readings. Depending on the time I spend about 5 to 10 minutes per person answering a question or giving you a few tid bits of information from your birth chart.

A transformative process to uncover your elemental makeup (Fire, Air, Earth, Water). Bring with you a burning question or just curiosity to who you are and let the transformation begin. We look for the missing element in you and identify what blockages are keeping you from your truest happiness. $450

Friendly sessions/guidance
Ongoing collaborative sessions that can be of any nature and time of our choosing. Using my tools we can decide to meet over the phone for ongoing support and or insights into whatever you like to talk about.

Oracle questions
Ask a question and I can pull oracle cards to guide you in the path of least resistance from spirits point of view. $40


Analysis of 2 people’s lives and how each of the energies come together. Coming soon!

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