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Libra horoscope today

Libra is a 7th zodiac sign shown by a symbol of a balance beam that sums up their basic nature to be fair in all matters and maintain balance in the environment around them. Libra zodiac is an air sign and known for their highly socializing nature who like to socialize with people from all walks of life.

All people born between September 23 to October 22 are known as Librans popular for their pleasant personalities and their tendency to strike a balance makes them remarkably fair people.

Native-born under this sign are beautiful from inside and outside so one can say they are people with fully developed aesthetic sense. They are people who are known as arbiters who work smartly to bring reconciliation among two sides that make them fit to be a leader, judge, lawyer with professionally successful full careers.

On reading Libra horoscope today one will understand the special personality traits of Libra people that are they always strive to please every person in their circle it is hard but they struggle to make everyone happy.

Some crucial facts of the Libra zodiac are –

Sign – Scales

Ruling planet – Venus

 Zodiac quality РCardinal

sign Element – Air sign

Positive qualities – Libra people are cheerful, captivating and congenial people

Negative traits – Oversimplified, casually changeable, resentful Libra people have many dominating traits that make them so unique let’s see the specific characteristics of these zodiacs-

1. Most Librans are lovely people they don’t much resentment and bitterness when someone wrongs them they forgive giving people a second chance. But forgiving does not mean they don’t forget the happening so that mistakes can be avoided in the future.

2. Librans choose to have purposeful relations and for lifelong with people who understand as well as appreciate them. They have enough patience to wait patiently for a fair and righteous person so prefer quality relations.

3. Sign of Libra is scaled so people of this zodiac believe in fair dealings and balance in all their relations as they dislike any sort of differentiation as well as injustice. They are truly people who are not hypocrites as these natives are beautiful from inside also before advocating justice as well as beauty in other people.

4. Libra zodiac is ruled by Venus planet which symbolizes love and beauty in all forms that are their crucial character trait as most of the people are full of romance. Librans, when fell in love, devote their 100% in the relation but yes they want to be loved by their partner and family people. They are the soul of any party lighting environment with their light and flirty mood.

5. Natives of these zodiacs are family-oriented people they adore their family and feel happy when there is peace as well as harmony in relations. These people hate any form of showdown, chaos and heated discussions in the family.

6. People born under this zodiac value their relations so will never let any argument spoil the relation. When in argument these people will let other people win if they love him/her too much. One can read Libra horoscope today to know exactly how much they love their family and friend circle.

7. Librans are always in a dilemma when they have to choose between two choices just due to their fear of taking a wrong decision. These people strive hard to be people’s pleasure and not to create any type of unhappiness in any one’s life. It is good when dealing with it a Libran child helps him/her make sound decisions at a young age so that on growing up they don’t feel difficulty in choosing out of many options. Libran should learn to take frank decisions and tell the truth so that another person is aware of their thoughts.

8. People born under this sign always try to be fair and balanced in their approach so they are considered best for negotiations. They are people who can see the viewpoints of two parties and taking decisions that are based on truth. Due to their basic nature of maintaining balance Librans are perfect in careers of lawyers, judges and arbiter in companies.

9. People born under Libra sun sign should read Libra horoscope today that tells about their being highly social. They like to meet their friends helping them whenever they are facing tough times giving a solution to problems being faced. In a social gathering, one can easily spot a Libran as they are lively souls lighting up any party with their friendly nature.

10. Besides being physically attractive Librans are highly intelligent and innovative people. Though they are always very concerned about their physical appearance but can surprise people by their intellectual mind. God gifts them the ability to listen to the viewpoints of other people that makes them loved by their family and friends.

Best Compatibility of the Libra zodiac-

Libra is an air sign so make a perfect match with air signs like Gemini and Aquarius who are well known for their sharp minds and excellent communication power. Out of two Geminis is a much better match to Libra due to their jolly and curious nature than Aquarius zodiac. Gemini people are much better adaptive to Libra needs as well as requirements in a relation. Libran people also feel compatible with Leo and Sagittarius who fire signs are known for their passions.

Least compatibility –

Libra zodiac people are less compatible with cancer and Pisces due to their thought processes. Librans are worst compatible with Capricorn zodiac because of their serious and very much disciplined nature relationship of these two zodiacs don’t work.

Summing up we can say that Libra is one of 4 cardinal signs and from this zodiac starts the season of change of weather ultimately onset of winter season. When Sun enters Libra zodiac we experience equinox after which days and nights balance itself. Libra people are lovely people bringing harmony in the lives of people whom they love continuously striving for balance, fairness and peace in their environment.



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