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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Out of all zodiacs, it is the Scorpio that terrifies people because they are considered insane by common men. But one thing is sure they are certainly not insane rather we can say they are very expressive, highly sensitive, and emotionally intelligent. Scorpio is a water sign along with cancer and Pisces but more aggressive as compared to other water signs. It is a reality that once hurt they can attack and cause harm to a person. Every Scorpion has two sides one brighter and another darker side but one thing is sure they are beautiful souls, very passionate and very powerful personalities

People born between October 23 to Nov 22 are scorpions are popular for being soul-stirring nature but yes very deceitful among all 12 zodiacs. Most people find them having magnetic personalities that attract people with quite ease and possess leadership qualities.

Scorpio is eight sign of the zodiac and as per modern astrologist is a feminine and negative sign ruled by planet Pluto. To know this fierce sun sign one has to dive deep to know the overall personality of Scorpion people. All astrologers agree that people born under Scorpio sun signs are loyal as friends, sensual lovers but they are very overprotective people. They are talented enough to hide the feelings that make them quite mysterious and unforgiving when someone hurts them.

Most scorpions see their Scorpio horoscope today to get a glimpse of what advice the planets are providing for the day so that one can plan his /her day chores accordingly. One of the striking personality traits of Scorpio is they can channel and harness their energy despite the turmoil surrounding them looking at the calm exterior. Natives of these signs have inborn skills and intuition power that makes them confident to achieve whatever they plan in their minds.

To understand the personality of Scorpio zodiac it is must to go through the positive and negative traits to understand their true nature.

1. Most Scorpio people are a bit reserved and thoughtful in nature while communicating but they appear very pleasant as well as graceful.

2. Their specific quality to be a face in the crowd and stand aside from other people all due to their self-discipline makes them the popular leader.

Their sensitive and intuitive nature makes them detect the harsh feeling and emotions of people that surround them. Due to the natural inborn qualities of these people, they master many skills that make them suitable for varied professions easily. Scorpions are very brave at heart people who are not afraid of taking any risk. They accept life challenges so what makes other zodiacs crazy appears just a normal thing to Scorpio. Read any Scorpio horoscope today it is quite obvious they are trustworthy and loyal people.

They showed lots of love and respect to those whom they value for honesty as well as sincerity. They may appear as ferocious but they are. Certainly lovely souls very credible and devoted to their loved ones. Dark side – Everything in this world has two sides brighter and darker one so is Scorpio which has a pleasant trait with another side which is not so good one. Scorpios are very sensitive but this trait has two sides they can get hurt easily and anger is expressed in the form of a sharp tongue.

They tend to make lifelong enemies with thoughts to destroy the enemy or person who is a threat to their peace.

People born under this zodiac are outspoken and judgmental having tendencies to criticize the actions of other people. One can look at the Scorpio horoscope today where most astrologers suggest them to be more tolerating and understands other people viewpoint.

Though many people in zodiacs can be jealous scorpions are extreme they get angered easily and to get the attention they can do actions to show the trait of jealousy. People born under this sun sign hate to be controlled by others deep in their minds scorpions like to dominate and are possessive in their relations. Most of them feel difficult to change their behavior and thoughts.

Opposition and betraying are perceived with great resent. These natives harness harsh emotions towards a person who hurts them and attack with double strength with smartness.

Scorpions in love and relationships

Despite their possessive nature falling in love with a Scorpio is a great feeling because they make a committed partner. It must be kept in mind that sincere people are rewarded with lots of affection and care thought they take long to express their inner feelings.

People who have a traditional outlook on life are lucky to get Scorpio partners as they are very loyal and committed to changing the lives of their spouses for betterment. A native of this sun sign goes to any extent to safeguard their partners from the outer world and would not let them harm their loved ones. They are people who connect with people they adore at a spiritual level so are considered family-oriented people.

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio is a sign with intense emotions so these signs are most compatible with signs that can understand his/her deep emotions and give due respect. This is a water sign so it is compatible with other water signs like cancer and Pisces both are sensitive plus empathetic also. Another sign that goes well with Scorpio is earth sign Capricorn as both are ambitious and know how to cash an opportunity. To conclude we can say Scorpion is in totality beautiful people and understanding their traits helps to go near them for a healthy relation.




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