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“I’ve always teetered between intrigue and skepticism when it comes to astrology.  While going through some rough times with my daughter and transitioning from being married to divorced to dating, I decided I’d just try looking into my birth chart.  

Laura was awesome!!!!  She knew I was nervous and took the time to just sit with me for a while before we got started.  Then she started explaining things to me and I was amazed at how those characteristics I felt most comfortable with were those that came with me in my birth sign.  Those characteristics that I had been struggling with and specifically seeking in a new relationship were very aligned with the things I was here to learn and actually develop in. 

When we finished I honestly felt a little overwhelmed but I also felt like I understood myself a little better.  I’d highly recommend Laura. Her insight and knowledge very obviously comes from a place deep inside of her.”

If you want to include a kind of fun, and funny, element then you can include this (which I’ve been dying to share with you for almost a year now.)

“My most memorable moment from my reading with Laura and the one that sealed my belief in the things that she said was a discussion we had about my sexual energy. I remember her talking about how intense my sexual energy was and I laughed (and laughed some more), commenting that not only had there not been any of that in my life in a while but it was actually a huge issue in my marriage because I wasn’t a very open person when it came to talking about sex, etc.  She kept swearing by it.

Well I dated a couple of guys with no real connection and then about 4 months later I met a new guy and the sexual energy was pretty intense from the beginning. Let’s just say that I found ALL of that sexual energy Laura was talking about…and then some.  I discovered a whole other side to me that I didn’t even know existed before and it was all because I found a man that was open and made me feel safe in a trusting kind of way. Even a year later I am still amazed at how spot on Laura was about a part of me that I wasn’t even aware of.”

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